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Last week, we spoke to South Korean megastar Zico about his volcanic rise from Block B boy band leader to fearless, no-fucks-given rapper, and how he has been existing with one foot in both worlds. But before that, he released this candy-coated visual for new track “I Am You, You Are Me”, which sees the artist sing, rap and dance in a supermarket, his eyes firmly directed towards a bored-looking shop assistant. Eventually the pair realise they’ve been wearing the same outfits, from a multi-coloured woollen jumper to a big, biker jack and a fuzzy, canary yellow top and a shirt with a rose pin. Watch right to the end to see if you can spot a copy of Dazed leaning against one of the shop shelves.

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음. 보시다시피. 네. 그렇습니다. 워낙 유명한 잡지니까 자세한 이야기는 생략. 아무튼 오밤중에 미감님 인스타를 보고 알았음. 참여했던 작업이 해외 유명잡지에 실린다는 것은 기사가 길고 짧음을 떠나서 갱장히 뿌듯한 느낌! 마무리는 영어한줄정리 > This work has been featured on Dazed & Confused. Thank you all you guys!

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